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Russia waives loans of all people who lost their lives in the TU-154 plane crash

js116827305_obama-putin-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqvzjnqpvgpnfyf5cbbttpcepyz4gu4cy2y6_vnwzoqhiThe Russian transport minister Maksim Sokolov has confirmed that all loans taken by the victims of the TU-154 plane crash have been waived. The formalities of the same are yet to be completed, but authorities have started work for the same. The victims may have to apply at the state run Sberbank or through the offices of the Defence and Labour Ministries.

The Minister said that they will be negotiating with other banks which may be having loans of the deceased on their books and shall ask them to do the same. The State run Sberbank will be providing the relatives of the victims the compensation promised in the next few days. The bank officials will be working through the holidays to transfer the compensation promised to the victim’s families.

The Russian Defence Ministry’s plan TU 154 had taken off from the Sochi Airport on Sunday, the 25 th of December, 2016 and it crashed in the Black sea killing all 92 people aboard. The plane was enoute to Latakia in Syria and was carrying 64 members of the Russian Army Choir and the rest were aid workers and journalists.

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