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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Russian town floods with fruit juice after collapse of factory roof

Reports coming from Russia indicate that a town south of Moscow was flooded with fruit juice after the roof of a factory that was storing the juice collapsed. The collapse was so sudden and so massive that it gave no time to company workers to take remedial measures. The place where the juice was stored is a warehouse at a PepsiCo plant and estimates suggest that it was holding several tons of juice when the accident occurred.

Soon after the building collapsed, several tons of juice made its way to the town of Lebedyan, which is located around 320 kilometers south of Moscow. Residents and travellers were stunned to see the reddish-colored juice flowing in huge torrents through the streets. However, there was nothing they could do except wonder what’s happening. It is reported that 2 people have been injured in the accident.

The flood of fruit juice ultimately made its way to the Don River. Officials are now at the site of the river and are checking contamination levels to ensure safety of aquatic life and anyone else who might be using it. Preliminary reports indicate that the building was flawed since the time it was built and it was a ticking time bomb. Officials said that nearly 28 million liters of juice was stored in the warehouse when the roof collapsed.

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