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Ruth Negga loves working with Dominic Cooper

Los Angeles, Nov 13 (IANS) Actress Ruth Negga loves working with her partner Dominic Cooper because she thinks the entertainment business can be “lonely” without someone to support her.

“It can be so lonely filming, so it’s like your buddy and your back up. He’s got my back and I’ve got his. Very much so,” Negga told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, reports

Earlier this year, Negga was nominated for an Oscar in “Loving”, in which she played Mildred Loving, one half of a mixed-race couple who challenged the US legal system for the right to marry and live together in Virginia in the 1960s.

She misses the character so much that she often rewatches a documentary about the late activist and her husband Richard.

Negga says that even if she never works again, she’ll always be thankful for that movie.

She said: “Honestly, if I never do anything again, I got to be in the orbit of really special people.”

Ruth even worries she’ll never find another role that matches her experience on “Loving”.

Asked if she worries nothing else could compare, she said: “Oh! of course. And sometimes I don’t think I’ve got anything else in me. But I think that’s a natural place to be.”

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