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S.I. Prabhakar Reddy commits Suicide – Locals Protest

Prabhakar Reddy, A Sub Inspector attached to Kukunoorpally Police Station was found dead in his house in the police quarters by his colleagues on Wednesday afternoon. 

While his relatives alleged that the suicide was committed due to the alleged harassment from the superiors, the cops had a different version to say. They noted that Arusumilli Vijayalakshmi, alias Sirisha who was an employee in a photo studio was the reason behind this. The police said that Prabhakar did sexual advance towards her, the day before which led to Sirisha who committed suicide herself. She was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her office on Tuesday morning. A case of suspicious death was filed but the news broke only on Wednesday morning.

The news was flashed on tv channels mentioning it as a suspicious one which has prompted Prabhakar to commit suicide himself, the police said. The cops said he has committed suicide between 12:45 to 1PM using his service revolver and was in his uniform.

Surprisingly, V Ramakrishna Reddy, his predecessor too shot himself with his service pistol last year. As soon as the news surfaced, Prabhakar who is married with kids saw situation going out of control. Violence erupted in Siddipet following the death of the SI. Locals started protests by staging a roko on the Karimnagar highway and at the Kukunoorpally police station.

Telangana’s Director General of Police, Anurag Sharma, said that an investigation has been launched and transferred Siddipet ACP Giridhar by attaching him to the headquarters.

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