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Sadak Dudhli Village community clash culprits are underground – Saharanpur

In Saharanpur today the urban court issued non-bailable warrants against 6 people which include local ruling party leader and another man is BJP MP’s brother. All are issued the warrant in the case of an inter-caste jar. In April month in the Sadak Dudhli village a demo was carried out to spot Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary and during this occasion, a clash broke between two groups when someone of them protested to the demo.

As per the police, all accused have gone concealed since the warrant was issued against them.

The clash witnessed many people got injured. After the non-bailable warrant issued, SSP said that anytime the arrests can be initiated. Police also mentioned that in view of carrying the demo, there was no permission was taken from the region administration.

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