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Safest destinations for solo travellers

People these days prefer travelling alone that with a group, and there are numerous reasons for it. But when you are travelling solo, the responsibility of taking care of oneself is of prime importance. You have to be really smart and active to prevent any adverse situations. But in case you want to be a completely free bird for your travelling schedule, below is a list of the safest places to travel for solo travellers:

1. Iceland: It is so calm here that the police does not carry weapon

2. Japan: Among all the countries in Asia, it has the lowest level of crime

3. Singapore: The laws and rule are followed so ardently that the travellers feels absolutely safe here

4. Costa Rica: Even in the history, this places has no discturbing incident or period. It is so clam here that the place does not even has an army

5. Cyprus: It is hard to believe but this place has such low level of crime that the locals sleep with open doors at night


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