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Sanitary napkin incinerators to come up in Jodhpur

It would be the first time in Rajasthan that sanitary napkin incinerators will be installed in government-run schools. The project will first be launched in such schools in Jodhpur. The incinerators are unique, as they are made from clay and cost much less than electric incinerators. The clay incinerators dispose off the used sanitary napkins by converting them into ash. The government in Rajasthan provides free sanitary napkins to girl students from Class VI to Class XII. However, disposing used sanitary napkins was becoming a problem at schools, which led to the idea of using clay incinerators. These incinerators would safely dispose the used sanitary napkins, which would have otherwise led to infections and diseases if left as is.

To ensure that there are no environmental concerns, the zila parishad that will be implementing the project will take help from government-owned Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC). Speaking about the initiative, Zila Parishad Chief Executive Officer Pradeep K Gavande said, “Such incinerators are being used successfully in Gujarat and Maharashtra for the past 10 years. They have zero maintenance cost, cause zero-pollution and do not result in any infection.” These incinerators will be made locally, something that will also create jobs for local people.

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