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Sasikala loses VIP status, back to chitranna

After media reports of her enjoying privileges, including a special kitchen in Central Jail, Parappana Agrahara, AIADMK leader VK Sasikala was on Monday restricted to plebeian comforts like other prisoners.

Sasikala had lemon rice (chitranna) and tea, like other inmates, around 7.30am, usually she used to have idli or dosas specially cooked for her, sources said.

lemon rice is the Monday breakfast menu.

Afternoon she had ragi roti and curd rice which the kitchen staff prepared for her on request. 

Usually sasikala used to have non vegetarian lunch.

For dinner, she would usually have chapatis and curd rice. Today, she may have the rice-sambar served to other convicts, a source said.

But Sasikala continues to wear colourful clothes as she had taken permission from officials.

White clothes is mandatory for those convicted for seven or more years. Since Sasikala’s sentence is under seven years, outgoing jail chief superintendent Krishna Kumar granted her permission to wear ordinary clothes, a source said. 

Prison officials have disconnected cable connection to all TVs in the barracks. So Sasikala had no chance of watching TV either.



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