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Sasikala parole plea rejected, has to apply afresh

Expelled AIADMK leader Sasikala have to wait for few more days to step out of the jail as her parole application has been rejected by prison authorities due to inadequancies in the application.

Sources said that she applied for parole for 15 days on Tuesday saying that she wished to visit her husband who is in hospital.

“She had also submitted the certificates issued by the doctors treating her husband and other relevant documents along with the parole application. However, senior officials found that some of the documents that were required, were not furnished along with the application and thus rejected it”, a source said.

The chief superintendent confirmed that the parole has been rejected.

“We had asked for a certificate required as per the procedures and they had not submitted it. Thus, the parole application is rejected and they have been asked to file a fresh application with all necessary documents.”

As per procedure parole is granted based on the conduct of inmate and reason for parole.

The police report is mandatory for any prisoner to be released on parole because the police have to go through the case and check whether person creates any problems to the public order or whether there is any threat to his/ her life by rivals etc.

In Sasikala case too , Tamilnadu police have to submit report to prison authorities and the process will take a few days. 

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