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Saudi Prince announcement was a planned one?

The appointment of Mohammed Bin Salman as the next Saudi Crown Prince couple of months ago surpassing his uncle Mohammed Bin Nayef has started entering into controversies. As per the rule, Nayef is supposed to be the next Crown Prince after King Salman but the much younger Prince and the favourite son of King being appointed for the next in line of heir to the throne had thrown the surprise element among many.

While there were reports back then that Nayef has been kept under house arrest in his palace at Red Sea in Jeddah, senior Saudi officials have denied it. USA was also worried about the new appointment as it has to rework on its relationships with the lesser known Prince since they had good relationship with Nayef.

The Crown Prince who was also named the Defence Minister and would also be controlling the oil rich State Monopoly Saudi Aramco seems to have worked out in the background to attain the power and the position. News have emerged now that Nayef has been portrayed in wrong light to the other Prince. Nayef who is believed to be in the influence of drugs has lost the ground to the younger Prince on account of this and also the age which was also highlighted since the appointment of an aged person as a Crown Prince may not be good to the nation in the long run.

It is also believed that Nayef has been kept in confinement and was forced to agree to forego his position as a successor to hand over the reins to the much younger Prince.

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