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Savithri’s inspirational story of overcoming hearing loss at 63!

The best gift my son gave me…the gift of hearing.

Sixty-three old Savithri was born healthy, however, as she turned 20, progressive loss in hearing following a bilateral ear surgery for chronic discharge from her ears, pushed her to a silent world.

Losing the sense of hearing at a young age was traumatic and Savithri’schildren grew up being looked after by their father.Savithri’s daughter recalls the times when she wanted to share her experiences only with her mother but she could not hear her!

Savithri’s husband was very supportive and the couple found ways of coping with her deafness. One of the instances her husband shared was about his returning home from work. Since Savithri was unable to hear the knock or door bell, he would throw coins over the roof inside the veranda, when the coins would hit her, she would know that her husband was home.

In the initial years, she used hearing aids for sound awareness but as time passed, the hearing aids also did not benefit her.

When her son who moved to UK for his job assignment, he read about Cochlear Implant Surgery benefiting the profoundly deaf. He researched online and contacted Dr Sheelu Srinivas of Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road. 

Approximately three years ago,Mrs Savithriwas evaluated by performing various audiological and radiological tests and Dr Sheelu’s team suggested that since hearing aids were not working for her, she was a candidate for cochlear implantation.

Dr Sheelu Srinivas counselled the family regarding the need for post implantation auditory training therapy. Finally Savithri underwent Cochlear Implantation at Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapur Road two months ago.

The surgical approach for post-operative ear cavities is different and requires special skills and Dr. Sheelu successfully performed cochlear implantation along with blind sac closure for her right ear. Savithri’s son came down from UK for the surgery and switching-on of the devices, which was a very emotional moment for the entire family. She started her auditory training and never missed a class!

She is now happily using her implant on the right side and exploring new sounds every day.

Cochlear Implants have been available for a long time, but there is a need to raise awareness that even adults can undergo this procedure and hearing is restored to near normal levels.  Savithri’s story brings hope to those adults whose life has gone silent.

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