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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Say no to gym equipments, try these workouts at home instead!

Many of us go to gym for maintaining our health and achieving a fit body. We also know that these  do add up to our monthly expenses. Many of us instead buy these and work out at home itself. However, I would like to throw some light on some really cool and effective exercises that does not require gym equipments. These are not only effective, but also cut down your unnecessary expenses.

fitness, home and diet concept – smiling teenage girl with bottle of water after exercising at home

Knee Jerk:

Abdominal Knee Jerk Exercise. Abdominal Knee Jerk is an easy Ab Exercise to tone and shape up your Abs. It puts you body to sweat more during work out and toned you abs.Fat reducer.

Rope Jump:
Jump rope is a pretty classic boxing warm-up, but believe it or not, you don’t actually need a rope to do it.It’s a great way to get the heart pumping at the beginning of a workout sesh, or to keep it pumping between reps of other exercises.Take a minute to jump in place, moving your arms in small circular motion as though you are actually holding a jump rope.

Complex Circuit:
For three minutes, rotate between these three exercises: high knees (running in place and bringing your knees up high, holding your arms in front of you parallel), burpees, and mountain climbers.I won’t lie, it gets pretty difficult as you go through the circuit, but your body feels awesome when you’re done.

Abs With A Variety Of Sit-Ups:
Done in succession, try four different types of sit-ups, doing 25 of those suckers at a time.I usually do 25 “classic” sit-ups, then spread my legs and reach my arms forward through my legs, repeating 25 times.Then, I move on to some bicycle crunches, and then I end the circuit by bringing my knees back together, placing my hands on my thighs, and from my core, guiding my hands up to my knees, again, 25 times.Try working through these variations as fast as you possibly can, and count your reps out loud to keep yourself going.

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