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SC refuses to stay Aadhaar; directs banks, telecoms to mention linking deadline

The Supreme Court (SC) today refused to pass an interim order on staying Aadhaar. This is being considered as a boost to the central government’s plan to eliminate corruption and black money. People with vested interests are protesting Aadhaar and the protests are being staged by misusing the concept of privacy. Aadhaar is just a means to identify an individual and this is being done since many years. It’s like our signature and our photograph that we give to our bank for out identification. So, the logic of people protesting Aadhaar is difficult to understand, except of course the explanation that these people are being backed by corrupt forces in the country.

The Supreme Court rejected the pleas for an interim stay on Aadhaar and pointed out that it has already been decided that all matters related to Aadhaar will be heard by a constitutional bench. This is why the court would not like to interfere with the matter and make it more complicated. The Aadhaar cases will be heard later this month and there is no rush since the center has already extended the deadline to link Aadhaar to March 31. However, the Supreme Court was not happy with the way banks and telecom companies were threating customers to link their Aadhaar. The court said that all communications made to customers should clearly mention the deadline to link Aadhaar, be it Aadhaar-bank account linking or Aadhaar-mobile linking.

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