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School Kid Dropped at a wrong school

It was a nightmare for a 5-year-old, when her school bus picked her up from Bannon Creek Elementary in Natomas and was supposed to drop her off at her after school program.

But it is not what happened, Myah said, “They dropped me off at Hight. I was supposed to go to Herron,”.

She was dropped off with another little boy dropped off in front of the empty Hight Elementary School, all alone and left to fend for themselves.

Both the kids were wandering around to find their parents.

Myah’s mom Marchaunte Fisher was frightened and was driving up and down the street to find her daughter. A stranger volunteered to help her and accompanied Myah’s mom in the search.

Luckily the stranger drove to the same school where the bus left Myah, and her mother was there in the parking lot.

The Natomas Unified School District has made some changes including putting an aide on every school bus and issuing new transportation ID cards.

The school district in their statement accepted that a mistake was made by their transportation department in which two young students were let off a bus at the wrong school location, without parents there to pick them up.

Fortunately both the kids are united with their families.

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