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Science student generates energy from old Rs. 500 note

A student of Khariar College, Lachman Dundi found the technique to generate electricity from scrap 500 Note. Yes, it is really something happened. With the help of Rs. 500 note electricity up to 5 volts.

Lachman Dundi said that he utilized the silicon coating on the note to generate electricity.

He further explained that after tearing the note the silicon coating is observable and the same silicon he kept under sunlight. This way he connected the silicon coating to a converter with electronic cable.

The boy is from Bhubaneswar and he is a science student. The boy is succeeded in bringing attention and now the Prime minister office has asked state science and technology department to look the technique of generating electricity from silicon coating and thereafter give a detailed report of the discovery.

Dundi told that when he demonstrated his project in the campus, no one really admired it and did not take it seriously. So he thought of writing a letter to the PM and CM.

After receiving Dundi’s project detail, PMO asked the state government if Dundi’s claim was valid. On the instruction of PMO, the state government asked the science and technology department to study the project and make the report to PMO. Dundi said that it will be gratified if PMO praises the project.

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