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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Secret to the ‘perfect sunny side up’

What better way to start you day, than with a perfectly made sunny side up egg. It is indeed a very easy recipe, and many of you must be already making it at home. But today I will share a couple of secrets to make a perfectly cooked and healthy sunny side up.

A perfect sunny side up is made with minimal oil, and has a thin white film on the top (can be seen well over the semi liquid yolk, when done).

Step 1: Take a non stick pan, and add just two three drops of oil

Step 2: Break two eggs in the pan

Step 3: Cover the pan with its lid, and cook for a minute

Step 4: Remove the lid and add a couple of tablespoon of water on the sides, and then cover again and cook for another 2 minutes

Step 5: Remove from pan and sprinkle salt and peeper as per taste

Step 6: Have some grilled veggies on the side 

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