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Security forces didn’t get even a single Rupee for security upgrade post Pathankot attack

The Pathankot terror attack in January last year was among the worst terrorist attacks, which resulted in the deaths of seven security men. Heavily armed terrorists had laid siege to the Pathankot air force base in Punjab and they fought with security forces for nearly 80 hours. The terrorists were later shot dead by security forces. Later, when investigations were carried out, it was noticed that the attack was made possible due to lack of proper security apparatus. A committee formed to assess the attack and suggest ways to prevent such attacks in future had recommended that 3,000 security bases in the country should be revamped. For this, Rs 2,000 crore was needed. However, the government has not yet sanctioned even a single Rupee towards this proposed revamp.

The Indian Army had asked for Rs 1,000 as initial payment to start the project, but no funds have been allocated as yet. In the absence of government funds, the Army had to utilize its own internal funds worth Rs 325 crore to spruce up military bases in the country. The money was used for various projects such as strengthening the boundary walls, installing cameras, sensors, and metal detectors, and building new entry barriers.

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