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Self Storage Comes to Mumbai

BoxMySpace is a simple and secure storage option for people who need to de-clutter their home and office space. In Indian metropolitan cities, there is a huge space crunch with shrinking house sizes. Affording a storage room or a basement is out of question. And that’s where BoxMySpace can provide immediate solution to all your storage problems. The Mumbai-based venture provides storage at the customer’s doorstep. “We collect the boxes and store them for customers. Before locking the boxes, we take a top-view picture of the boxes and upload it to the customer’s account,” says Pratyush Jalan, CEO and co-founder, Boxmyspace.

BoxMySpace provides two offerings. They are classified as Storage by box and Storage by space. While storage by box is preferred for small items which include books, antiques and other ‘boxed’ items, space concept is used for rather large and heavy items such as furniture and bulk merchandising.

The whole process of ordering for boxes, tracking them post storage and even calling for it back is done online through our mobile app (Android & iOS) and web portal. One of our key USP is the clear pricing. Rs. 99 per box per month. No extra or hidden charges.

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