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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Selling Rs.50 Veg Meal at Rs.90 – Indian Railway Scam

The condition and image of Indian Railways was never great and this continues with dirty toilets, untidy kitchens or the low rated and operating online system for booking tickets. Everyone cannot afford travel by air and so the option of Railways is always visible to opt for by most of the Indian commuters.


Recently a Facebook user fetched to attention with new kind of scam that is running on trains. The Facebook post was endorsed by a retired person who travelled by train and witnessed the scam.

While he was travelling pantry car waiter came to take order citing for veg meal it is Rs. 90. Passenger was suspicious to know this price as he checked the rate online on his smartphone and told to waiter Rs. 50 is the price for Veg meal. The waiter got that he was in trouble so waiter said to passenger that he will give him at Rs. 50 but do not share this to other passengers.  On this passenger got furious and asked to write a complaint in the complaint book but the pantry in-charge told him that they will put it in the dustbin. The passenger at last wrote complaint and the pantry person wrote that taken only Rs 50 from customer Bill No XYZ and he also mentioned that this customer always writes complaint whenever he travels.

The retired person also mentioned in the post that asks for bill every time you order any food from a Railway pantry car.

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