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Thursday , 25 April 2019
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Senior Congress leader calls Rahul Gandhi “Pappu”; fired

Given the controversies surrounding Rahul Gandhi, it appears that he is the quintessential clown in the otherwise drab world of politics. In yet another incident that’s causing people to go ROFL, a senior Congress leader referred to him as “Pappu”. The senior Congress leader who called Rahul Gandhi “Pappu” was Vinay Pradhan, the party’s Meerut district president. Pradhan was actually trying to appreciate Rahul Gandhi for his bold move to visit the violence hit Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, but he inadvertently referred to him as “Pappu”. The appreciation message was sent on a WhatsApp group, and everything was okay except that Rahul Gandhi was referred to as “Pappu”.

The WhatsApp message sent by Pradhan read, “Pappu could have joined hands with Adani, Ambani and Mallya but he did not do that. Pappu could have been a minister or even the Prime Minister but he did not go down that road. Instead, he put his life on the line by going to Mandsaur.” While the post has made social media go crazy with laughter, Pradhan had to bear the brunt of his mistake. Pradhan has been found guilty of tarnishing the image of Rahul Gandhi, for which, he has been removed from all party posts.

Meanwhile, Pradhan maintains that he has not send the message that refers Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu”. He said that some people may be trying to damage his reputation. He said that he has full respect and admiration for Rahul Gandhi.

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