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SEWA CAB service starts from 7th April, reasonable than OLA-Uber

From 7th April, SEWA CAB service will be starting; this is app based cab booking service, in which travelers will not pay more fare during peak hours or festivals time-NCR.

Chaalak Shakti started the SEWA CAB service. This service is claimed to carry transparency in the fare chart and will charge less money than Uber and Ola.


The free rides will be given to those travellers are who are regular to use the service.

Chaalak Shakti is union of cab service in Delhi and NCR, the leader of union said that travelers would not require paying high fare during odd hours of the day.

It is also said that the app would have hail and go feature in which passenger will be able to take a taxi on the street just like auto-rickshaw they hire.


Sahdev Panchal another leader of the union Chaalak Shakti said that Ola and Uber take commission of 27 per cent which is about Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000 per month from the drivers, Sewa Cab service will take only fixed monthly fee of Rs.700 which is mere.

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