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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Sex industry takes digital route,teenagers at risk of cyber

Sex industry in the country is taking the web route to expand it network and experts fear that the  teenagers at risk of cyber

“Various escort agencies now prefer to operate from the safety of a small Make shift studio using digital payments than risking a physical contact or cash transaction with their potential customers ” says Rajib K Haldar ,regional coordinator,ECPAT international 

There has been a rise in the number of adult websites and mobile apps

“Cyber sex is new a menace where minors are exploited on the internet by online pimps in the disguise of escort agents or model coordinators ” says Prashant Mali Mumbai high court lawyer.

“This is illegal and amounts to abetment of prostitution. Transmission of sex, videos,chat or nude pictures amounts to crime under sec 67B of the IT act ,2000 and the punishment is up to 7yrs of jail and Rs.10 lakh of fine” Cyber security expert said

Another worker of an NGO which rescues young girls from sexual exploitation says ” In some of these cases many women did not know that the live streaming was also being recorded and would later be uploaded at various porn sites or used for continued exploitation ”

The rates for live streaming ranges from 500-2000 depends on the act and age.

Some of the websites are,,, .

Clients can select the person of his choice from the sites album or clips

The mode of payment is either by membership as one-time online payment 

Cyber experts also warn that many criminals may use sex to steal personal data from one’s phone or computer. 

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