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Sex toy was spying on users’ intimate moments

A Canada based sex toy company named Standard Innovation has been charged with spying on its customers via its We-Vibe vibrator, without the consent of users. This was revealed by hackers during a demonstration at the Def Con hacking conference. The vibrator can be controlled through an app installed on the mobile phone, and it is through this app that the company was secretly collecting data related to the most intimate moments of users. It has been revealed that the data secretly collected by the company included temperature levels, changes in intensity and date and time of use.

It is normal for certain apps to collect random user data, but in this case, the data was being tagged with the email IDs of users and stored on the company’s server. This was a serious breach of privacy and confidentiality. Earlier, the company had said that it was collecting data just for market research. However, after a class-action lawsuit was filed by two women, the company has been ordered to pay compensation of $2.9 million. Customers who used the vibrator with the app will get $10,000 and customers who used it without app will get $199.

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