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Shape-shifting furniture

the experience of luxury living, without the luxury of size”

A modern home needs to be multi-functional and adaptable to every situation, from entertaining and working to relaxing and lounging – our homes are no longer just for eating and sleeping. Open plan living spaces have been hugely popular for many years and is a trend that is here to stay. It is, however, tricky to navigate a layout that complements this kind of space. Living life in a stylish way is a new key of this era so while people buying houses they always prefer to make sure that looks perfect as well in that case the interior and also the correct furniture is the most important thing which makes the house look stylish and nice too.

To get it right make sure your furniture isn’t pushed against the walls but brought into the room to create a sense of flow and the illusion of a bigger space. A good idea is to design allocated zones using rugs and furniture placement to show a clear idea of how the open plan space should function. While purchasing a good furniture is investing a large number of money as well as the furniture brand should be trust worthy too. So here we are talking about the well-known 60 years old renowned India’s first UL certified eco-friendly mattress company Kurl-on. They have entered into the furniture industry with so many trendy furniture collection of their ‘new home Komfort ‘Collection. On this note I would like to explore an interview opportunity for Kurlon, India’s leading manufacturer of mattresses, furniture and furnishing products, as an industry export Mr. Sudhakar Pai, Chairman, Kurlon Pvt Limited would like to provide insights about latest trends in mattress and furniture industry:

  1. Space management and multifunctional furniture’s
  2. What are the specifications to look for, while buying furniture and sofas
  3. Things to look for during this monsoon season for your furniture
  4. Design, Colour and style v/s Comfort and durability
  5. How to choose long-lasting multifunctional furniture

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