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Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Sharp Air Purifiers comes to the aid of Asthma patients

~ Mr Jagdeep Singh, MLA, Hari Nagar along with Mr. Kuljeet Abrol donated SHARP Air Purifiers to Asthma patients at Deen Dayal Hospital ~x

New Delhi, August 2015: In a step to prevent and reduce indoor air pollution and provide a better environment to the patients suffering from Asthma, Tuberculosis and air borne diseases, Sharp Air purifiers has come out in order to help the patients of Deen Dayal Hospital in Delhi by donating its air purifiers.

After humble request from Mr Kuljeet Abrol, Mr Jagdeep Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Hari Nagar, Delhi has been kind enough to do the honour and help the patients of Deen Dayal hospital. Mr. Jagdeep also acknowledged and applauded this initiative and has urged NGOs and organizations to come forward and support the initiative. Mr. Jagdeep also showed keenness on understanding the efficiency of the Air Purifier in helping Asthma patients and how it can reduce the triggers in schools and homes.

Most of us feel that urban outdoor air is considerably dangerous!! City smog, automobile exhaust and even potent industrial wastes being recognized health hazards, are scientifically measured and documented. But several studies in India and abroad reveal that the Indoor air is much more dangerous than outdoor air.

“It is quite encouraging that Government and Environment Groups have started taking initiatives towards awareness of indoor air pollution and how this can impact various airborne diseases like Asthma, Tuberculosis and Airway Inflammations among children” said Kuljeet Abrol – Indoor Air Specialist & Prop. AB Traders. 

“Sharp Air Purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology create forest fresh air by generating the same level of Positive & Negative Ions found in natural environments like forest, resorts, parks thus killing harmful substances not only form the air but also from the surface and eliminates bad odour. Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology has been verified by renowned and independent organizations and is perfect for use at home, offices, in car, doctor chamber, basement, canteen etc.” he added

Indoor air pollution is arguably one of the most overlooked threats to human health, particularly affecting young children who are building their immune system with a sensitive airway has to fight these Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)and micro-organisms like pollen, dust mites, fungi, virus etc, present in the atmosphere thus become more prone to allergies. Soft toys, carpets, room fresheners, perfumes produces high levels of Indoor Air Pollution with a range of health-damaging pollutants (VOC’s) & PM2.5, including small soot particles that penetrate deep into the lungs. Cross ventilation also replenishes fresh air in our indoor, but in poorly ventilated home, indoor pollutants can be 10 times higher than acceptable levels.

Considering all the limitations and preventive measures, the good news, if indeed any can be found, is that indoor air pollution is infinitely more controllable than outdoor air pollution. With careful cooperation from educators and businesses, these pollutants can be reduced at school and in our homes” said Dr Anil Garg, Incharge – Chest Clinic & ICCU Head at Deen Dayal Hospital in Delhi.

“The antibiotics work for several weeks only, it at all, and then another virus or allergy comes along to attack the immune system.  We feel helpless and continually worried about the next infection that will come along” said Mr Avtar Singh, one of the parent.

“Several health authorities have recognized that certain types of air purifiers are beneficial in reducing the amount of Particulate Matter 2.5 in the room. During my studies of all Air Purification techniques, I have observed that the Sharp Air Purifier equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology is much superior in terms of performance, reliability and certifications. Proper ventilation and allowing direct sunlight in interior spaces are equally important steps towards improving air quality.” said Dr Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, National Head of The Times Foundation.

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