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Shiv Sena asks Congress to check their “mental balance” on nomination of VP Candidate

The Shiv Sena on Monday  asked Congress to check it’s mental balance for having nominated Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the post of Vice-President of India. “I just want to ask her that on what basis, the Congress has nominated Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the post of the Vice-President. He is the same man, who advocated for the mercy plea for Mumbai serial blast conspirator Yakub Memon,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said.

“If they want Gopalkrishna Gandhi to hold a Constitutional position of the nation, then it is important to get their ‘mental balance’ checked,” he added. “Who is narrow minded, I want to ask Sonia Gandhi. What is the definition of narrow mindedness? She should forget about Presidential election. Ram Nath Govind will have historic victory,” he said.

While the exit polls of Presidential election which is happening today has predicted a clear victory for Ramnath Kovind, Congress is hopeful of winning the VP elections since it has fielded the grandson of Gandhi who is also the grandson of another leader Rajagopalachari aka Rajaji. He has also served as a Governor and with handful of political experience, Gopalkrishna Gandhi is expected to give a tough fight for the opponent but he declared that he would not seek vote on the basis of grandson of two great leaders but on his own merits.

Meanwhile Raut said the Congress should understand that nominating Gopalkrishna, who backed Memon, is like going against the nation and had also hit out on Sonia Gandhi for her remark on the President, saying that the presidential poll is a fight against “narrow-minded communal vision”. The elections for the Vice President is scheduled to be held on August 5.

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