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Side effects of technology

Everything is good when it is not excess or overdosed. Though technology has advanced our life but it’s disturbing our daily routine of our life, or we can say that we are too dependent on technology. This is also one of the main reason which is disturbing our health.

Technology has taken us to much different platform in today’s life. It actually improves our life. But accepting technology is good but having overdose of it can ruin our health. We are becoming too dependent on it in our every passing day. The impact of technology on our social, mental, physical and environmental health can be devastating.


1. Eye pain problem: We spend most of time in watching the screen of laptop or mobile screen. Screen-gazing can make you to experience a long list of eye problems including changes in colour perception or blurred vision and burning sensations

2. Excess use of mobile phone: Various studies and researches have proven that extensive long-term use of cell phones leads to several ailments

3. Poor sleeping habit:

Rolling with that laptop in bed or phone conversations keep us up till too late. This habits takes a lot of time to provide rest to our brain. Keeping technology shut at night is a healthy habit to acquire

4. Obesity: Technology is one the main reason to increase the rate of obesity. We do not move much and become fat. So make a routine of using your technology bar and stay healthy



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