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Simple tricks to lose weight faster

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Losing weight is perhaps the most challenging thing for almost everyone who is looking to drop some. Excess weight has become a burden of the modern society. In order to lose weight faster, people these days opt for many tricks, and some even work out on their own tricks like shipping meals, eating less and even adopting the technique of starvation.

Well! These trick works or not is something we will not discuss, but for sure these will make you sick and unhealthy. As said earlier, that losing weight is not easy, on the contrary, the correct and healthy ways are not that difficult. The only thing that needs to focus on, is your diet and lifestyle. When we speak of diet to lose weight, it does not means adopting a whole new diet, but it simply means changing what you eat and the way you eat. And as far as your lifestyle goes, you need to be committed and focused on your health and then only you will be able to achieve the feat of weight loss.

In here, let’s discover some of the simplest and effective tricks to lose weight fast.

  • Start eating the right kinds of food

It’s very simple. We all need to eat and eat daily. Just ensuring that hat we are opting to put inside through our mouth makes all the difference. But at the same time, all said and done- what actually is the right foods to eat?

When we [pick foods across the shelves or at the vegetable market there are few basics that we need to be assured and take care of.

  • Choose whole grains or simple refined grains. Organic one are the best to opt for, but if you select normal food, read the label carefully. Remember: all the look polished are the one to be avoided. Polished grains might look attractive, but they are ripped of the bran and essential nutrients off them.
  • Get vegetables that are locally grown and cultured. They are at any times the best buy as far as their nutritional value and freshness is concerned.
  • Avoid all sorts of processed and packages meat and meat products. They are laden with excessive salt, sodium and sugars – the three musketeers responsible for weight gain and poor health.
  • Avoid baked and refined carbs. We all are very fond of cakes, cookies, biscuits and pastries. They are as deadly and destructive as atomic bombs for our weight and health. Instead opt for natural sweetened fruits and other products.

Going for low carbohydrate foods are the best choices that we can make for weight loss. But this also does not means that our body does not need carbs at all. They do need and it is quite vital for our good health, but it needs the good ones and not the processed and refined ones.

  • Drinks lots and lots of water and especially before meals

Water needs no introduction of its effect on weight loss and our overall health. Drinking water boosts metabolism, and thereby helping us to burn more calories than normal. Also, drinking water before meals helps us to consume lesser calories than without drinking.

Drink 8 to10 glasses of water every day on the minimum – this helps flush our body of impurities and fat. You can also substitute a few glasses of water for green or herbal tea.

  • Choose a smaller plate for meals

Using smaller plates is a proven technique to allow over eaters eat less than normal and especially people who are obese. It is a general tendency of us all to fill our plate when we see sumptuous and delicious foods. Eating in a small plate you eat less calories.

  • Try fasting intermittently

Intermittent fasting meaning fasting in between eating sprees. It is a popular method of fasting that people practice in between periods or eating and fasting. Many studies conducted on the subject confirms that cyclic periods of fasting in between eating periods in an effective way to lose weight fast and easy.

It also promotes loss of muscle mass, the ones associated with low-calorie diets.

  • Drink black coffee

Coffee is perhaps one of the most consumed beverage around the world. Apart from earning the bad name of being addictive, it is loaded with antioxidants with number of health benefits. Caffeine in coffee helps boosting metabolism and increases the fat burning process considerably.

Just ensure that you do not load it up with sugar and other caloric ingredients into your coffee.

Weight loss hasn’t have to be that tedious as it might have been made to realize. Just by following some easy and effective ways you can lose weight comfortably. Commitment to do so, is tye first step forward towards it.

By : Dietitian Sheela Seharawat

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