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Skinny Bean offers new weight loss supplements for women making losing weight in the new year much faster

The Skinny Bean Company, an American weight loss supplement company, has recently entered the market with their innovative new take on weight loss for women. The idea behind the brand is to empower women to be fit and healthy through affordable and scientifically-proven means.

Obesity rates are increasing in every developed nation and the United States is no different. With more than 40% of American women now considered obese, the issues surrounding weight – including diabetes, increased risk of cancers, and higher rates of heart disease – are a very real medical concern.

But, as Skinny Bean creator, Raphael Kammer, points out these are not the only difficulties that arrive with weight problems. Self-esteem and anxiety issues are frequent complaints reported by overweight individuals, leading to depression and even eating disorders. Indeed, 1 in 4 American girls has received a clinical diagnosis of depression or other emotional disorders.

Kammer wanted to do something about this. To counter the negative effects of weight gain that he saw as a growing phenomenon, Kammer decided to create a company that could confront body-weight issues with new scientifically-supported weight-loss supplements.

“We didn’t want to simply jump on the bandwagon,” says Kammer. “We took a look at the best weight loss supplements and asked ourselves, ‘how can we do better?’”

Using an innovative made to order process, the weight loss supplements are shipped and bottled closer to formulation then ever before.

Kammer has designed Skinny Bean’s supplements to be more effective to those currently on the market.

Skinny Bean products are made in an FDA registered facility where they create and pack their supplements, using only organically-sourced ingredients extracted via a liquid-light extraction process improving purity.

The company’s charitable actions are also to be applauded, with ten percent of each sale going directly to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which pioneers treatment for children with cancer and other diseases.

New products for 2018 include The Skinny Stack™ this is a set of 3 best selling supplements that all compliment each other making weight loss less strenuous and effective.

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