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Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Skyscanner reveals the best time to book flights from India

Booking 18 weeks in advance could help Indians save 15% on ticket costs overseas

New Delhi, 27 January, 2015: Leading global travel search engine, Skyscanner, has released its latest findings on the best time to book flights, revealing that savvy Indians who wish to increase their chances of getting the cheapest fares in 2015 should typically look at booking flights eighteen weeks before departure.

The results, which follow the analysis of the last three years’ worth of data, and over 250 million flight prices, also found that the best time to book varies a great deal from destination to destination.  For instance flights to countries like USA and UK should be booked eighteen weeks in advance while those looking to fly to hot destinations like Australia, Singapore and Thailand should consider booking anywhere between 16-17 weeks in advance for the cheapest fares.

USA 18 weeks before departure 12%
UK 18 weeks before departure 10%
Australia 17 weeks before departure 29%
Thailand 16 weeks before departure 21%
Singapore 17 weeks before departure 26%

Kavitha Gnanamurthy, Senior Marketing Manager, Skyscanner India commented, “An analysis of the trends over the past 3 years tell us that it’s always better to book flight tickets early. The best time to book has varied from year to year. However Skyscanner predicts that the Indian traveller will be able to save over 15% if they book their flights over 4 months in advance. Skyscanner is committed to ensure that travellers get a chance to find a flight at the best price and plan their holiday well in advance. And since fluctuations in ticket prices are erratic, it is critical for us to share the best time for making these bookings.”

She also advises caution when booking close to departure, “Prices can be quite volatile so customers need to understand that they may be taking a gamble by leaving booking too close to their departure date.”

In order to provide clarity and to make these booking decisions as simple as possible for travellers, Skyscanner has created an interactive tool which allows travellers to see when is the best time to book for the most popular destinations from India, along with the cheapest bookable prices.

Skyscanner offers travellers a price alert service on mobile and desktop, allowing customers to sign up to receive email notifications as prices drop, helping to find the best time to book to get the optimum price. Find out more here. 

Notes to editors: Skyscanner analysed millions of flights and the research is based on flight data over the past three years. The comprehensive research covered all travel periods for each of the destinations. The data is based on actual customer behaviour and actual prices paid by customers.

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