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Smart power for smart gadgets

Smart phones and other portable devices push the limits of handheld computing; the hunt for electricity has increased similar to their growth. Smart gadgets are smart in everything. But, it consumes doubles the power than it works for. A new technology has emerged to address this issue, not by getting big batteries and power banks but by looking instead to the shoes on our feet. When we walk, our bodies makes up to 40 watts of mechanical power as heat when our feet strike the ground. A special electricity-generating cushion placed inside the soles of regular pair of shoes can transform some of the mechanical forces into electricity. Over the single day, the generated energy that stored in the small can be used to charge the smart devices.
The idea of harvesting power for portable devices is not new, although some of this technology in 1996, Thad starner at the MIT media Lab designed those piezoelectric generators-solids that generate tiny currents when put in to external stress. And theoretically generate up to 5W of electricity at a brisk walking pace. Inherently it shows that, every electronics always needs an support devices to run.shoe

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