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Snapdeal Wraps Fear in Innocence

Brings Halloween Store on its platform

With October sliding away, Halloween is creeping closer! This only means one thing- Let’s start planning the Halloween party! And to make sure you don’t miss a trick (or treat!) Snapdeal has put together some Halloween party products to help one to get their spooky celebrations underway.

So, go through this list of Halloween party must-have to rock your party!

Horror face mask

Futaba Halloween Toothy Zombie Latex Mask: Take your fright game to the next level with Halloween masks from Snapdeal. This amazing one is hand detailed and painted by twisted and talented craftspeople for maximum effect. Buy this piece if you want an unforgettable character that will strike fear into the heart of all those who cross your path.  

Price: Rs. 2598/-

Snapdeal Offer Price: Rs. 1586/-

Blood soap

This bloody bathroom blood red soap will have them screaming.  Just place in a soap dish and wait for the fun.  Turns their hands red when they soap with this bar of normal looking soap.  So be sure to buy enough bars of soap for all your bathrooms!

Price: Rs. 888/-

Snapdeal Offer Price: Rs. 499/-


Need a Hat for your Costume? This year’s largest selection of hats for Halloween costumes can be found right at Snapdeal. From fun and funky hats to historical hats, Snapdeal offers costume hats in unusual and hard to find styles and sizes.

Price: Rs. 1086/-

Snapdeal Offer Price: Rs. 181/-

Pumpkin bag

Most children are eager to get their hands on those yummy Halloween goodies. But the question of where to store them can be of the utmost importance for the serious trick or treat! With that in thought in mind, Snapdeal brings you the Pumpkin Bag that will complement children’s Halloween outfit and should go down a “treat”.

Price: Rs. 806/-

Snapdeal Offer Price: Rs. 474/-

 Candle light

A little creepier than the average LED light, this LED-lit runs on a 5-hour timer, and they’re molded to look like sinister wax stubs. Stash them before a party all over a room — in the bookshelves, on the table, up the stairs — and leave the lights low for a vibe that’s both chilling and chilled-out.

Price: Rs. 1,411/-

Snapdeal Offer Price: Rs. 746/-

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