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Monday , 21 January 2019
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Social Issues

Social issue is nothing but a problem that affects the mindset of considerable individuals within a society. These individuals have their own perception which is wrong for the society but from their point of view their perception is right which affects the society in one way or the other. Thus, different people in different societies will have different perceptions.

India is a great country and thus from time to time this country from ages has seen bloodshed, wars, corruption, captivity, growth, brotherhood, freedom fight etc. Yet this country has accepted different culture, caste, religion and many other. Thus due to this there is the rise of different social issues. And it is getting developed due to like-minded people making their religion, beliefs and practices diverse among the common people of the society.

Social Issues that are there in the society are :-

  • Religious Matter:- India being secular still countless riots happen in the name of religion. People kill each other in the name of religion. Yet they forget humanity is above all. Gujarat riots ,Anti-Sikhs riots and many others happened and rest is history. People forget brotherhood and turn themselves devilish just for the sake of religion and justified themselves by killing others who belongs to other religion which causes social issue. Issues like homecoming, child marriage, black magic, superstitions are always on the headlines of the news channels which is the result of religions and their own perceptions.
  • Poverty:- People with low income can’t afford their basic needs for their living in the society. Different poverty levels are there in different states. Shortage of water and food is there in the society for the poor people. Proper housing facility is not there. Common people in villages are giving proper education to their children and especially girls. Dalit people also suffered a lot in the society.
  • Child marriage:- This is the very big illegal issue of the society. Even though laws are there still states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana etc are practicing child marriage. It marks the death of innocence which child held. At a tender age child has been burdened with responsibilities.
  • Starvation:- It means the deficiency of calories intake and this leads to malnutrition. Poor can’t afford food for themselves or they afford less food for themselves. Thus, they suffer from malnutrition. Care must be taken in this or else it will lead to death.

Thus, India witnessed many social issues like homosexuality, child labour, casteism, dowry system, bonded labour, domestic violence and many more. Social issue will be countless but regarding solution it is much less effective. Its high time before it gets too late for them. People should understand that we are the children of the same God and we should stop fighting. We must respect and love each other. Government alone cannot resolve all issues without the helping hand of common people. People need to understand that these measures are beneficial for everyone not for the particular religion or region. Thus extending hand is much better than interfering. Thus working together with governmental and non-governmental bodies, we can improve the lives of many commoners. And we can bring peace and brotherhood for the upcoming generation where they learn to live and let others live in peace.

By: Harsh Mishra

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