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Social Media Ad Campaigns: A new way to target voters


Digital marketing is one of the most trending technologies these days. The recent 2016 presidential elections demonstrated that digital marketing also has its application in politics. It has already been successfully adopted in business, and now it is gaining its popularity in elections. With the help of geo-targeting ad campaigns, the politicians can now easily target the required voters. Therefore, it is essential for the politicians to know the four major methods of targeting the voters: geographic, demographic, based on interest, and behavioural.


Geographical targeting is the most common form of the geo-targeting ad campaign. It allows the politicians to target the voters based on the specific town, city, zip-code or region.  Therefore, the politicians can spend a minimal amount to target a huge audience within a specific target. Such a targeting allows them to avoid additional ad expenses on people outside the specific location.


The demographic targeting allows the politicians to target a specific age of people. For instance, they can target people of age between 20 and 25 years, working in a specific industry. Such a strategy will be useful in places where most of the population is within the age limit 20 and 25.


The interest-based targeting method aims to display the ad to people based on a specific interest. This method of targeting can be useful for the politicians when they aim at a campaign specific to a particular interest. For instance, if the politicians want to run a campaign that is beneficial for sportspersons, they can run interest-based ads for people who have expressed their interest in sports. The ad will be directly targeted to the people who are interested in sport and other people will not be able to see the ad. As a result, it helps save a lot of money.


The behavioural targeting method focuses on the targeting the ads to people based on their previous activities. For instance, retargeting is one such form of behavioural targeting where the ads are retargeted to people who have already taken part in their previous ads.

The best advantage of geo-targeting is that the local politicians can run ad campaigns at a very minimal cost and at the same time reach the required specific audience. For better performance of the ads, the politicians can merge more than one method of targeting. Therefore, before the elections pop-up, the politicians can utilize the abundant availability of time to analyse what works and what doesn’t. This data can be used during the elections to target the right audience so that time and money are saved.

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