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Solar Museum- Hubli

The ever increasing cost and scarcity felt of the rain dependent hydroelectricity and traditional and other traditional sources of energy like petroleum, coal etc. forced the scientists to invite new techniques of producing energy or electricity out of solar, wind,waves etc. for utilization of mankind’s welfare, progress & prosperity. The techniques of transforming the Solar Rays into electricity or energy through semiconductors was thus made know to the man and the western world adopted this method since many years, where as the Indians although the traditionally, daily worshippers of Sun God (Surya Bhagavan) right from morning suryanamaskaras till evening and the right, are now surprisingly and slowly trying toward the utilization of solar energy.

          It is also curious to know that the effort of these scientist to use solar rays were not a new one! Long before their effort the famous ancient Indian sage Yagnavalka succeeded in making use of solar rays as the source of energy! Sage Yagnavalka thousands of years ago during the prehistoric years was the most affectionate and devoteful disciple of the great guru sage vaishampayana who taught him the knowledge of obtaining energy through Yaganas or sacrifices for the welfare of all living beings of the world.      

The scientific and  technological advancement  of Germany, U.S.A,  and  other  western    countries, is only  through the  objective, Materialistic study  and  research  of Vedas, including  Shukla Yajurveda given to  Yaganavalka  by Sun God. Yaganavalka then in ancient India  showed the
world the   Power  of   Sun.  Mahesh .V.  S.   of   Hubli     through     his “SUN RAY SOLAR MUSEUM” does the same.                                                   

Mahesh inspired by the Sun and after working twelve years at the grassroot level in Renewable Energy field, especially Solar Energy ha setup world’s first Solar Museum in Hubli on the 4th Feb 2006 the Rathasapthami the most significant day on which Sun God every year rides his chariot to begin his journey to bless the world and that day also denotes the beginning of the summer. The Museum highlight various aspect is to creates awareness, promotes and propagates the usage of various Renewable Energy Systems. Live demonstrations, seminars, separate education and training courses for school children, teachers, bank and agriculture officers, and women are conducted in this Museum. The museum is approved by education and Agriculture training depts., Karnataka Milk Federation Training centre etc. The enthuasitive, young V.S. Mahesh the founder, is also one of the Director of the Museum.

          About one thousand watts of energy flows through solar rays in one square miles of place says an estimation. It is also said that only 0.1% such energy is used and remaining goes waste, so we have to use all the available solar energy says Mahesh.



‘SUN RAY SOLAR MUSEUM’, Vijayanagar, Hubli, Karnataka has developed an innovative & first of its kind Solar Water Heating System. The Drawback of conventional system is not there in this new system.

solar heater in karnataka
Features of the System:
‘SUN RAY SOLAR MUSEUM’, Vijayanagar, Hubli, Karnataka has developed an innovative  & first of  its kind Solar Water Heating System. The Drawback of conventional system is not there in this new system.

  1. Sun Ray Solar Water Heaters are provided with an Auxulary Tank to minimize mixing of hot & cold water. In conventional system there is mixing problem.
  1. NO AIR VENT – Conventional systems requires an Air vent up to the height of cold overhead tank & due to monkeys and high wind velocity it oscillates the GI air vent would cause breakages and start leakages in the tank. There are chances of fall due to wind etc. A small Air vent is provided in our new system.
  1. PRESSURISED SYSTEM – A separate pressurised system is advised in conventional systems. But this system can be connected to any overhead tank of any capacity especially for Flats, Hostels, Hotels etc.
  1. 316 Grade stainless tank, Non-welded/ machine folding tank & can be used for any hard water.
  1. NO OVERHEAD TANK- No separate overhead tank is required, by that the enduser can save 7-8 thousand Rs. Directly you can pump the water to overhead tank as well as to Solar Tank. If already elevated tank is available then also new system can be connected.
  1. NON WELDED PIPES INSIDE THE TANK- Inlet, outlet & small Air vent are inserted through Silicon Washers and there is no welding of pipes.
  1. Cost effective & customer friendly as there is provision for Drain out also.

              More than 25 systems are installed to customers in & around HUBLI & DHARWAD and are working satisfactorily.


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