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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Solar System 2.0 found but is 10 light years away

In a major find, space scientists has found a solar system which is very similar to that of ours which is located 10 light years away. The system has a Sun and few planets revolving around it. 

The solar system in located on the southern hemisphere of the constellation Eridanus with Epsilon Eridani (eps Eri) being the closest planetary system around a star similar to the early Sun, according to researchers from the University of Arizona in the US.

A close observation on Eri indicates that a planet with nearly the same mass as Jupiter circles the star which is remarkably at a distance similar to that of Jupiter’s distance from the Sun.

Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) images were used to identify this planetary system where the location of warm debris such as dust and gas plays a vital role.

The Astronomical Journal which has published this find, has studied the strongest infrared emission from the warm material around eps Eri which is spread at wavelengths between 25-40 microns and are usually undetectable by ground-based observatories.

Kate Su of University of Arizona noted “The high spatial resolution of SOFIA combined with the unique wavelength coverage and impressive dynamic range of the FORCAST camera allowed us to resolve the warm emission around eps Eri, confirming the model that located the warm material near the Jovian planet’s orbit”.

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