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Soldiers replaced once in 2 hours at Doklam

India has been locking horns with China which has been sending its soldiers who engage in constant intrusion along the border especially in the disputed areas of Arunachal Pradesh among other. For the last 30 days at least, 350-odd Indian soldiers have been guarding the border at Dhoka La in Bhutan.  The area is roughly located some 15kms away from Nathu La pass. 
The stand-off on both the ides has been happening since June 6 wherein New Delhi is tryng to resolve the issue amicably including diplomatic contact with Beijing but so far no positive results have been yielded.
The area in question is situated some 4,500 metres above the sea level where the air is thin. The soldiers of the Indian Army are replaced every two hours. The face-off continues round the clock.
The stand-off which is an ongoing painful and an expensive process has already grabbed the attention on Trinamool Congress Leader Mamata Banerjee who is demanding a discussion on this subject. While the opposition has agreed to back the government on a situation that concerns national security, Banerjee has blamed the Centre for failing to resolve the situation.
Only when a peaceful negotiation is brokered between the two Asian Powers, the situation will tend to subsidise else the above action would be continued, forever.

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