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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Some chic hairstyle for college going girls this summer:

It is summer and you must be already setting your wardrobe for the season of scorching sun and hot breezes. While some of us perceive summers as dull and boring the fashion enthusiasts think the other way round. For us, this is the perfect time to wear colorful revealing clothes, put best of the accessories and walk the streets in style. But, not to forget that having a summer specific hairstyle is as important as having a good sunscreen in yours, especially when you are a college going girl. Being a college going girl, it won’t be possible for you to spend hours in front of the mirror trying cumbersome styles. So, what to do to look a diva and make your own style statement, it’s easy try these super simple hairstyles and appear different amid the crowd.

The side ponytail:

Whatever you say, this is one hairstyle that is in a buzz since the 80s remember the black & white actresses wearing that side pony-tail. It is a hit style even today. The hairstyle saves you from the heat also as all your hairs are neatly tied on a side. The style is simple to make, brush all your hairs and side part them and tie them together on a side. Remember to tie the band at the nape of your neck to get the perfect look.

The messy bun:

This is your chance to look glorious even on your bad hair days.You do bot have to comb your hair for this, hand strokes would be enough to pull your hair strands together. Let the hair be their messy self and tie them at the back of your head making a ponytail. Twist the ponytail and gather it into a messy bun. Let some of the strands flicker from your front hairline and have a ravishing look altogether.

The top bun:

The hairstyle made its debut in the early 2016 and despite the season, was a huge hit amid college going girls. In fact, it is a popular trend in 2017 as well.  Easy to make the hairstyle tame your hairs and offer you enough air to keep yourself cool. All you need to do is make a high pony and place a floppy rubber band on it locking your hair with another plastic band. Circle the remaining strand over the bun and fix the style with bobby pins. You are set to have a rough look for the day.

French Braid:

One hairstyle that your mother would do to doll up you for a party, the french braid is what you must try for college. The hairstyle offers a clean look to your face and also keeps your hair in place to fight the heat. You can wear this hairstyle with almost every type of clothes. Start a braid with few strands from the middle of your head and keep adding chairs to the strands as you reach to the bottom of your neck. Put a cool rubber band on the braid and flaunt your lovely hairdo.

These are some hairstyle you must try today to look classy and trendy at your college. Happy Summers girls!!


 By: Swati Pandey


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