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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Some myths about weight loss almost everyone on diet follows

Some myths about weight loss almost everyone on diet follows

Have you put on weight? Oh God! This one question makes us go crazy. Right? Yes, it actually does especially girls. Everyone in this contemporary world is health conscious because of the sedentary lifestyle almost everyone has nowadays. There are many things we hear every day that does not skip breakfast, eat slow, do not eat after 7, count your calories and a lot more. Is all this true? Let’s go into the  depth and see what the truth is:

Skip meals-

This is really a common myth that normally everyone follows. You should never skip meals because once you eat less but after some time this thing makes you feel famished and the result is the intake of even more calories. This ruins all the efforts made by you.

Low fat= low calories

This is a great misconception that having low-fat food means that we are consuming a low amount of calories. We generally fill our plates with a large amount of low-fat food due to which you end up taking lots of calories. So, next time also take care of a number of calories a product has.

Bananas, potatoes, and rice make you fat-

These things if included in a diet in a smart way will never let you gain weight. Eat sensibly. Bananas are rich in potassium, and once eaten in the morning will keep you energetic and healthy throughout the day. Rice contains methionine which helps mobilize the fats from the liver. Potatoes should be eaten in a healthy way.

Stop eating outside-

Here is good news, you do not need to sacrifice your day-outs because you can eat smart. Why not substitute aerated drinks with some healthy milkshakes without ice-creams, having burgers, pizza without cheese toppings and a lot more. You can also substitute such things with healthy salads.

  Vegetarians consume less protein-

This is just a myth, there are a lot of options for vegans as well. You can have soy, dairy products, and pulses. Consuming proper amount of these will keep you fit and will provide you with enough amount of proteins.

Avoid eggs-

You should never avoid eggs, instead include one boiled egg daily in your diet. It is very healthy will provide you with a lot of energy.

Fruit juices are healthy –

Squeezing a fruit removes all the protective fibers from it. Whether it’s you or the companies making packed juices squeezes it, it is not going to provide you the nutrients that a whole fruit can provide.

On the whole, friends, just be smart enough to choose your diet. Do not skip the things, eat everything but in a right amount. Eat a balanced diet, enjoy your life and live healthily throughout your life.


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