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Soon, an anti-troll app for women: Government

The government has announced its plans to launch an anti-troll app that would allow women to seek help in cases where they may be at risk of being threatened with physical violence or trolled on social media platforms. The app named ‘I am Trolled’ will be launched soon by the government. The announcement regarding this was made by Union Minister Maneka Gandhi. She made the announcement at an event “Wellness Rules-Proactive Well Being,” which was organized by FICCI Ladies Organization at New Delhi. Speaking about the launch of this anti-troll app, Maneka Gandhi said, “The app will be launched soon to counter physical violence threats and trolls on social media. It is unfortunate to see that women are equally abusive on social media as men.”

The minister also talked about the ‘panic button’ app for women, saying that the app will become available by the end of March. She said that it will also have an additional feature of ‘Shouting App’ integrated within it. The launch of ‘panic button’ app was delayed, as many mobile companies are still in the process of adding the required feature in their products. There are also plans to add 600 new one-stop help centers called ‘Sakhi’ over the next two years. These centers will allow women to seek help in case of domestic violence, health and legal issues etc.

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