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South Korea welcomes UN move on North Korea’s sanctions

South Korea has welcomed the UN Security Council’s move to impose new sanctions on its neighbour North Korea, describing it as a “strict warning from the international community”.

The country’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that South Korea will continue to strengthen cooperation with the international community to ensure that the resolutions “are thoroughly implemented”.

“North Korea should accept the strict warning from the international community that continued provocations only deepen the diplomatic isolation and economic pressure,” the ministry said.

On Monday, the 15-member council – which does not include South Korea – adopted a US-drafted resolution imposing fresh punishing measures against North Korea following its sixth and largest nuclear test on September 3.

The council voted 15-0 for a ban on textile exports and restriction of shipments of oil products to North Korea.

On Tuesday, North Korea lashed out at the UNSC, describing the sanctions as “vicious” and condemning the move in “the strongest terms”.

“Yesterday the Washington regime fabricated the most vicious sanctions resolution,” Pyongyang’s ambassador in Geneva told the UN Conference on Disarmament in the first North Korean reaction to Monday’s unanimous vote.

Though the resolution was backed unanimously, the final document was a watered-down version of the original US proposal following pressure from China and Russia.

Both China and Russia “made it very clear that they don’t believe everything is being done that should be done”.

China said that the US should stop isolating North Korea and return to the table for talks.

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