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Spain – Bouncy Castle Shot Into Sky leaving 6-year-old girl

Spain: in a shocking incident, the Spanish detectives are trying to make out the reasons which turned an inflatable bouncy castle to rocket in this inflatable bouncy castle seven children were inside.

In this incident, seven children of 3 and 11 age got injured, a girl who was 6 years old died as she was injured badly. The girl was rushed to a hospital in Barcelona by helicopter, as per police.

Also, a 7-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy were rushed to the hospital as they were having manifold solemn wounds.

A protuberant Spanish legislator did tweet paying his pities, by the mention that his pities to the family witnessed this disaster and wrote that all the love and unity in these times so sore.

According to the El Pais the castle was unsuitable fastened to the ground and restaurant’s proprietor did not have an apt certificate to function the magnetism. There was explosion sound which was heard by the witnesses.

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