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Spain’s Muguruza wins Wimbledon 2017

Billie Jean King, the legendary tennis player of modern era watched today’s final match between Gabine Muguruza and Venus Williams where Muguruza halted Venus Williams who would have otherwise become the oldest to win eclipsing Martina Navaratilova’s record. For Venus, this was her first Finals in 9 years and did not materialise. This would have been her 6th crown otherwise.

For Spain, it was a great relief because it never had a Champion since 1994 when it was won or the first time by Conchita Martinez defeating Navaratilova and the following couple of years saw the defeat of another Spaniard, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in the hands of then World No.1 Player – Steffi Graf of Germany.

This was the second Grand Slam for Muguruza who has won the French Open in 2016 and was cose to winning the Wimbledon in 2015 when she was defeated in the finals by Serena Williams.

Muguruza had a tough first set with Venus matching each and every point scored but eventually ended better off than her with a score of 7-5. The second set was however a cake walk. With Venus struggling to find the gaps and for the first time ever, the roof was closed in a ladies, Singles Finals. Muguruza won the second set easily by a score of 6-0. She took only an hour and seventeen minutes to emerge victorious.


Interestingly, Muguruza was coached this time by none other than Conchita Martinez and it has finally paid seeing her winning the prestigious slam.

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