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Saturday , 23 March 2019
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Spero Academy Prepares for Big Moves

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 12/16/2017  — Spero Academy is one of Minnesota’s premier K-6 schools, offering a full and rich educational experience for students with disabilities. By combining the best aspects of traditional schools with the best practices for special education services, Spero ensures that every student has the opportunity to succeed in the classroom. 

Moving to a New Home

Since 2004, Spero Academy has provided pioneering education strategies for students. Spero Academy relocated in 2010 to our current location on 6th Street NE in Minneapolis. In this rented space, the school attracted an ever-growing number of students with disabilities, children who blossomed in the welcoming community that Spero provides. Now, with several curricula that adapt for all learning types, and a team of dedicated teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, and other related service providers, Spero Academy is preparing to move into a facility as advanced and forward-thinking as the highly qualified educators it employs.

Open Doors for All Students

The new Spero Academy is scheduled to open August 2018 and students will be delighted with their new academic home. Designed by Minneapolis’ own HDR, Inc., the highly anticipated new building is a “study in empathic design.” The building design successfully marries the specificities of a conventional school with students’ educational needs, many of whom have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or another disability.

Key Facts

  • An individualized and differentiated education for students with disabilities; 
  • On-staff:  3 speech-language pathologists, 3 occupational therapists, 1 music therapist and 2 DAPE providers;
  • Adaptive environment incorporating sensory-sensitive approaches;
  • Functional zoning design across the site and in each classroom provides both low- and high-stimulus spaces, so every child can safely deregulate based on their personal needs;
  • Non-toxic finishes protect both students and the environment, and;
  • Subdued palettes and both soft and natural lighting that responds to the needs of sensory-sensitive students, establishing each space as a calming and comfortable area in which to learn.

Moving to a New Look

In conjunction with the opening of the new school building comes a new look for Spero Academy. Taking a cue from the design and persona of Spero Academy’s new home, the school is transitioning to a similar display palette of calm and soft, subdued hues and shades. By shifting from bright and bold to more muted tones of blues and greens on school materials and documentation, the “face” of Spero Academy will more accurately reflect the school’s values of trust, empathy, personal growth, and optimism.  

Moving Forward Together

The new building and new look will allow Spero Academy to achieve the original vision for the school: 

  • A warm and welcoming home for K-6 students  
  • A physical site that promotes learning and good health for all its people
  • A safe and secure home in a community that offers students the best education possible, regardless of educational, physical, or social challenges

  “At Spero Academy, we offer programs that are designed to support children with all forms of disabilities, and by doing so, we offer them, and their families HOPE for a brighter future.” 

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