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Sports Nutrition Seminar by Dr. Robb Wildman

To educate Indians about the right nutrition choices, Shri Balaji Overseas who has lead this space for over 18 years, along with 121 World Exports, a California based leading distributor focused on South Asia, are hosting Dr. Rob Wildman, Chief Science Officer at Dymatize on their visit to India from the US.

Dr. Wildman is one of the world’s most powerful speakers on the subject of nutrition and muscle performance. The purpose of his India visit is to educate Indians on making the right nutrition and supplement choices so they could live healthy.

“We are super excited to host Dr. Wildman I have personally attended his sessions back in the US and was very keen to bring him to India since 2015 so all of us could benefit from his vast knowledge base. 121 World Exports/Shri Balaji Overseas are proud to host Dr. Rob Wildman and Ms. Annie Seal who heads Marketing and is a pioneer in this space”said Nick Parmar CEO of 121 World Exports.

“Indian youth needs to be educated on nutrition. I have seen so many videos on social media, with youth falling prey to counterfeit supplements compromising on their health. That’s why we roped in Tarun Gill, India’s leading fitness influencer who has showcased several videos in not just exposing counterfeits products but also inspiring the youth, showcasing journeys of fitness enthusiasts from across the country to promote this event”, added Nick Parmar.

The seminar is being organized at Hotel Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar and will be attended by not just retailers & e-tailers but also consumers.

We wanted Indian supplement retailers and e-tailers to be a part of this seminar, because they are the first touch point of every consumer. And via this seminar, we are also re-enforcing to our retail network to understand the importance of selling genuine supplements, so that the consumer is healthy and away from counterfiet products, and I have been committed to this cause since I started in 2002″ added Nitin Agarwal from Shri Balaji Overseas .

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