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Shriram Ramdas

Kids make up for a massive clientele when it comes to the business firms. From stationery items to clothes, kids can be the pathway to create successful startups. While all these bases have already been covered by several business firms, Shriram Ramdas, a great achiever came up with an idea to score better health for children. A stern believer of progress and healthier future, he came up with “The Rabbit Run”’ to add a hint of fun to exercise.

The journey leading up to initiation of “Rabbit Run” started with Shriram’s entrepreneurial success and experience. He was born and brought up in the middle-east after which he moved to the US for higher studies. He spent 2 years learning about the depths of computer science after which it was finance that attracted his attention.

After spending 9+ years working for the FedEx International in the middle-east, he landed back in India in the year 1996. He was the very first impresario to set along the path of a massive entrepreneurial journey by setting up FedEx in India. With the help of ample capital raised by the ICICI ventures, this genius brain holder set up a tech startup named “Bangalore Labs” in Bengaluru.

After trying out his luck in the tech industry, Shriram moved his pursuits towards the sports industry. He dedicated 10+ years to the sports industry with initial years spent setting up IPL’s team Delhi Daredevils. This was followed by setting up a health club under the name “Zela”. In the year 2014, he branded “Sports Focus”, a master franchisor for his venture “The Little Gym”.

His entrepreneurial journey of 20 years wasn’t always flowers and colors. Like any other success story, Shriram faced his own strings of failures and setbacks but he sprung back up to create something better each time. For the past 4 years, Shriram has been serving the Children and their well-being. The central idea behind this venture was to create an environment or a culture per se for the kids to characterize running and exercise as complete fun-filled playtime.

The goal behind “The Rabbit Run” over the course of time is to implement at least 10 influential runs all across the country while creating an impact over 100,000 kids. However, numbers aren’t the ultimate goal for Shriram and his team. The prime goal here is to add a dash of fun with exercise in the long run. A culture where parents run along with children to promote better health while having fun is what drives this super-new initiative by Shriram.

Shriram is a family guy with equal time dedicated to both work and home. The Rabbit Run is currently escalating higher towards a better growth curve. The Rabbit Run is all about families running together towards a healthier future. The venture has partnered with major sponsors like First Cry and Myntra to market the initiative to existing customers. With an idea centrally serving the kids, the brand aims to create a refreshing and exciting turn-around for children as they run and play.

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