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Stampede at Sabrimala leaves temple leaves 40 injured and 3 critically injured

Extra rush at the Sabrimala temple resulted in a stampede at the popular South Indian temple, and it has left 40 people injured, and three people critically injured. The three critically injured people have been shifted to hospitals in Pamba for further medical treatment, while the 40 with minor injuries have been taken to hospitals in Sannidhanam for further medical treatment. The police has launched crowd control measures and the condition at the Sabrimala temple is now under control.


The temple had extra devotees than usual as the temple’s holy idol was decorated with the Thanga Angi jewelry. Crowds swelled to catch a glimpse of the idol with these precious jewels. The stampede happened just as the Thanga Angi jewels were being taken to the temple. Devotees waited for many hours just to get a small glimpse of the idol, but a stampede seems to have started, when many few people tried to enter the queue in between.

The major trigger for the stampede is believed to have started when a rope barricade between Sannidhanam and Mallikapura broke, and the devotees leaning on it, fell on each other

The Police is now strictly controlling the movement of people downhill from Pamba to Sannidhanam due to the large number of people.

The last time a stampede happened at the famed hill shrine Sabrimala temple of Lord Ayappa in 2011, 106 devotees lost their lives and over a 100 were seriously injured.



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