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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Stay Fit with Step On Fitness Center

Step on Fitness Center is a one stop destination to achieve your fitness goal; from Healthy Diet to Regular Exercises, it aids and cooperates in achieving healthy and best physique. Step on Fitness Center delivers convenient and all-in-one-place access to equipment, classes and health information so that one can effortlessly keep a check on their fitness level.

Fitness is often associated with building muscles, biceps or just losing weight. Indeed, they are integral part, but Fitness also lies within us.Fitness is the agility in carrying out day-to-day tasks with vivacity, zest and sharpness and is about focusing on creating better lives, with ample energy for dealing with home and office.

Step On Fitness Center is located in Subhash Nagar, New Delhi and is headed by Mr. Mandeep Singh, National Cricket Champion, who is a NASM (National Academy of Sports and Science) and looks after proper Fitness routine. Ms. Simran Preet Kaur, who is a INFS (Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science) certified Nutritionist and manages the diet as per body requirements.

As a team, Mandeep and Simran have given utmost efforts for delivering the best to their customers. Step On Fitness Center cater to needs of their customers. They are indulged in providing the best services and focus on building a better and a fitter you. They believe Fitness is a Lifestyle, the more you strive, the more it tells about your persona.  

“At a very early stage of my life, I developed my love for cricket and fitness. Playing various tournaments and matches at national and state level without family support, was a big challenge. Eventually, I had to give up my hands from cricket for my family’s resentment and continued with my family business. But that was not where my heart belonged to. My goals and passions were yet to be realized and my passion made me stand for my own Fitness Center, Step on Fitness Center. This is something very closely attached to my emotions. For me, Step on Fitness Center is my Ambition, not a business.” said Mr. Mandeep Singh.

Along with Regular Fitness classes, they provide yoga, zumba, aerobics, bhangra, power yoga classes at center and even at homes, as per the convenience. They also have separate area for Cross fit Training, Cardio as well as weight training.

The Fitness Center is well equipped with Lockers, fitness equipment for kids and adults, steam bath facilities, dance floor, TV screens and a lot more to make Fitness easy and convenient.

With a passion for fitness, here lies the difference. Unlike the routine gyms and fitness centers, Step On Fitness Center is equipped with special kind of plates for weight training and these are the Challenge Brand Plates, which are and are rarely found in Indian gyms.

“Our equipments are pure iron weights which are rarely found in Indian Gyms and these plated are often used by all pro athletes. These plates can’t be bought, as it requires power lifting certificate and we already have earned, which tells about our success story.” further Mandeep adds.

Weight loss and weight gaining programs are undertaken with utmost safety with doctor on call services. They have personal and certified trainers for health and fitness assistance and administration, specializing in cross fit and weight training. They shall encourage and reinforce you with the aim of an elevated fitness regime.

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