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Stay hassle-free this Tax filing season with these 5 must-have apps

Technology has cushioned every field and helped us in simplifying our lives to a great extent. Smartphones have played smart by building a tax empire in our pockets, apps these days help us not only grow our income but save them too. Balance your income, investments, tax filings, payments and everything else that you need to get an insight into money matters.  

  1. Groww – Tax saving investments is a crucial element to focus while planning your returns. Investment on the go is a rising concept which can be availed through apps like Groww. It is an online investment platform which is also available on android and iOS smartphones. It has become a game-changer for a new generation of investors. Due to its focus on simplicity and transparency as its key USPs. The app has been designed to be like a buddy who understands millennial, powered by intelligent UI and UX. Today, 60 percent of Groww’s user base is spread across the country, predominantly in tier 2 and 3 cities, and that percentage is only growing.

  2. ClearTax – Tax filing apps have revolutionized the way one files their returns. It has eliminated the dependency on a third party. Critical events like The Union Budget 2020 which has brought in a revised tax regime by the Government of India, leaves a lot of us bewildered. ClearTax app has solutions to Income Tax filing, GST and Investments. They also have an active blog on their website which addresses queries from basic to complex questions. 

  3. Aaykar Setu – A very versatile app by the Government of India to aid its citizens with all the benefits of the Income-tax department. Varying from asking queries to filing your income tax returns, all in one space. The term ‘aaykar’ means taxpayer and ‘setu’ means bridge, acting as a bridge between the government and the taxpayer. 

  4. Expensify- An app to help you manage your expenses and keep a track of them without worrying about storing a box of receipts and scripts. It allows businesses to maintain summaries of their accounts along with calendars to maintain transparency and obtain balance between different ratios such as debt-to-income at the right time, preventing any crisis or undesirable situation.

  5. PocketGuard – If you have a hard time staying on budget and it never goes as you planned, this app is for you. Whether you want to track your spending, make a budget or lower your bills, with PocketGuard you can spend more time living, while staying on top of your finance.


Let’s salute the tech industry to simplify our lives’ to an extent where the money is virtual and savings become our friend. 

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