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Stop alcohol for your muscle growth

Do you think your are more attracted to alcohol, then you should really think one before finishing bottle day by day. By doing this you are putting your muscles at the higher risk. Alcohol, if consumed in large amounts, not only takes toll on your health but also obstructs with your muscle growth. Yes, you may have been ignoring many a things while gulping those glasses of beer, wine or any other alcoholic drink but you have to understand that alcohol abuse and muscle growth never go hand in hand. Here is how your alcohol habits will never let you grow muscles.  

Affect protein synthesis:
Doctor and research proves that consumption of alcohol affects protein synthesis which results in decrease in lean muscle mass. The protein synthesis which our body supply is much needed for our muscles to grow. Alcohol reduces 70 percentage of produce harmone. So, instead of cribbing that you are not growing like others, you better cut down on your liquor intake!

Leads to weight gain:
what happens inside your body on consuming alcohol? Well, your body burns alcohol for energy which results in pushing calories from carbohydrates and fats to the back of the line. So, it’s in your best to maintain distance from alcohol if you are trying to lose weight.

Testosterone levels fall:
Surprisingly, you can also blame alcohol for decreasing testosterone levels and increasing the estrogen levels in the body.

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